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– Pantum Sponsored Inspiring Sailing Race in Russia

Pantum sponsored the Russian sailing competition in July of this year and it achieved surprising results not only for Pantum but also for everyone involved.

Pantum provided the athletes with 10 sets of sailboats and 5 sets of racing sailboats with Pantum logos. During the period, participants will use these sponsored sailboats for the race so that Pantum logo will appear in front of distinguished guests, leaders of various countries and delegations to leave them a deep impression about Pantum. At the same time, these sailboats will also be used for sailing school performances, which will greatly increase the exposure of the Pantum brand at all levels.

From the pre-training to the formal progress of the competition, from the performance of the sailing school to media reports, Pantum has received continuous exposure and attention, laying the foundation for Pantum’s further development in Russian market. Pantum are always welcoming meaningful cooperation and will do as much as we can to build our brand to be a leading one in the industry!

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